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MRI hoofdtelefoon

Designed with patient safety, comfort and experience in mind. These headphones help to keep patients more relaxed, which leads to a higher percentage of successful MRI scans by reducing the amount of motion artifacts during testing.

Developed in partnership with technologists, AVID MRI headphones offer a best in class noise reduction rating, as well as superior Sound+ acoustic enhancing tubing for easy communication between patient and medical professional or during music playback.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Adjustable headband fits a variety of sizes
  • Durable and easy to clean design
  • Dual layer comfort padding on ear cups & headband
  • Headphone fits comfortably in a variety of head coils
  • Able to be paired with AVID ear plugs to obtain 29dB NR rating
  • Compatible with leading MRI systems (system adapters available, i.e. Siemens)

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